Food – my favourite and most important category to this blog. As a Vegan, I want to show the world that there is more to being vegan than eating lettuce (stereotypes are never true). I’d also like to show others that it’s entirely possible, affordable, and exceptionally healthy to opt for vegan options. With this being my aim, I will be posting a variety of content; What I eat in a Day, Grocery Hauls, Accidentally Vegan Products, Current favourites, Reviews and Recipes. Remember to Follow this blog for more updates!

How To Have a Cruelty-free Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and the amount of times I have been asked by my non-vegan friends what I can eat over Christmas is flabbergasting. I figured this could be a great opportunity to showcase the delicacies we vegans eat, as well as providing others with an opportunity to minimise…

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How you can save money, lose weight, and get fit through Vegan Mince Meat!

Hello Tigers, So today I thought I would bring a bit of a new one – bear with me. I understand that people have a massive conception that eating vegan/ healthy is expensive. I also understand that there are a new wave of university students who may be trying to…

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Review: My Experience eating Vegan at Pret A Manger

Not too long ago, Pret A Manger, a sandwich shop chain based in the UK, launched a veggie range. Hurrah for Vegan options! Supporting companies that choose to move with the growing times is important to me because after all it is us as marketable consumers that push for this…

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But What do Vegans Eat? – What I eat in a day #1

I have finally made the transition to becoming self-hosted! Because of this, and all the admin work that has followed, I have had a massive overhaul on how my blog looks, works and most importantly, the content that it shows.  I want to make content that appeals and sticks, and…

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WSLF Budget Vegan Food Haul #1

Following a vegan diet, I often get the same question “but isn’t it expensive?”. As a university student, expenses are the bane of my life – last year I really struggled financially as following a fruit-based diet left me constantly penniless and hungry, which is one thing WSLF (Whole Starch Low…

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