Review: My Experience eating Vegan at Pret A Manger

Review: My Experience eating Vegan at Pret A Manger

Not too long ago, Pret A Manger, a sandwich shop chain based in the UK, launched a veggie range. Hurrah for Vegan options! Supporting companies that choose to move with the growing times is important to me because after all it is us as marketable consumers that push for this change to happen. It also demonstrates an important message to other companies to follow suit, meaning (eventually) there will be even more plant-based goodness to go round.

Since I work in a small supermarket store that doesn’t offer a great variety, I decided to buy my lunch at Pret as a pay-day treat. I say this wincingly because man is it expensive. Considering the price I paid -almost ten pound for two items- I decided I would get my money worth and blog about it to let you guys know my honest opinion, unbiased and unfiltered. That way you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s money worth spending.

First Impression at Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger organic coffee Natural food eating out

First things first, Pret A Manger prides itself on being “Organic” and “Natural”, as stated on its bag. This almost guarantees the food you’ll be buying there is fresh, clean and almost healthy if you will. Trying to stay out of junk foods way and not survive off Sainsbury’s bread rolls for lunch at work, I opted for a  Sweet Potato Falafel & Smashed beets Veggie Box. It didn’t particularly speak to me, but more the fact there were still only a limited amount of vegan options. This was disappointing considering offering vegans falafel isn’t exciting or original but companies throw it at us like it is. I start a ban here on out on Falaffle.

However, saying that, I was surprised at how many other interesting items were in this veggie box: Edamame, Beetroot Humous, Avocado, Broccoli, Pomegranate and peas all on a bed of quinoa and rice. It was easy to see this would be a really nutritious meal. It also fits my requirements on my WSLF meal plan, albeit, a little higher in fat than I would typically have.  So all round, it looks like a considerate meal, despite it being on the smaller side.

Tasting Review

Pret A Manger organic coffee Natural food eating out vegan veggie box

Although I was a little hesitant about this box, on taste, I was actually really impressed. The wide variety of products in the box made for a really flavoursome meal. I felt like every item had been carefully considered – the broccoli had been clearly pre-seasoned with lime, and the avocado perfectly ripe. Everything tasted fresh, clean and light and as though it had been made properly – not something you make at home and stick away in a Tupperware container to eat later. Even though the box came with a pot of zingy green dressing, which also tasted great, I found I could barely use it because there was already so much flavour going on. The overall quality really took me off-guard when I was most pessimistic.

My only concern with this box was, while I felt slightly satiated, it’s probably not enough on its own, which is disappointing considering it was just under £5. However, it’s clear you pay for quality rather than quantity. So to add to this, I bought a chocolate chia pot (£3), which is a non-dairy chocolate surprise with pomegranates and blueberries inside.

Pret A Manger organic coffee Natural food eating out vegan veggie dairy free chia pudding

I’ll say it straight, this was my least favourite out of everything. While the chocolate generally tasted okay, it was my first time trying a chia pot and I couldn’t get over the frog-spawn looking jelly that the chia seeds had morphed into. I also don’t think the fruit in this pot worked with the chocolate at all – I wanted a chocolate, creamy delicacy but what I got was random surprises of juice bursting in my mouth. I’m sure this will be to somebody else’s cup-of-tea but this wasn’t for me.


Overall impression

Pret A Manger organic coffee Natural food eating out vegan veggie vegetarian box review

Pret a Manger surprised me in the way that I realised the money I was paying was for more than just the brand name. I enjoyed the contents of my Veggie Box, which made a nice lunchtime treat and was delighted to see vegan sweet treat options too. If you’re in the budget for this kind of lunch then I do recommend it, especially if you’re trying to be health considerate. Personally, I won’t be returning as a regular because I feel there are places with a wider array of vegan options that are the same price, if not cheaper. However, I will return whenever I have money to spare and am feeling particularly health conscious.


Have you tried Pret A Manger? What are your thoughts?





  1. August 20, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    I love that more places are offering vegan options! Personally I love the pret vegan options!

  2. August 20, 2017 / 10:59 pm

    I was sadly surprised when I discovered about two years ago that Pret stores in New York City don’t have just two vegan options, no sandwiches or hot dishes for the growing population of herbivores. Also, because it is all pre-made, you cannot special order anything minus the cheese or whatever other animal-laden sauce or whatever it had all over it. With the natural and organic claims, like you, I had expected more, especially since they have all those cute images of radish slices cut in heart shapes and potato muppets with wheatgrass hair and the like. I had taken my kids there hoping, and all I could (carefully) choose was ONE of their several salads and the one vegan (probably not on purpose) dressing.

    Fast forward two years, I figured this summer, back in NYC again, perhaps Pret got #widit. They did not. I browsed the shelves to see that still, the only two vegan options in the very wide array of foods was a soup and a salad. And still, smiling carrots, dancing flamenco with saucy beetroots greeted me all the way to the counter. I decided to ask them if any of their sweets at the register were vegan. They needed to ask several people to determine that no, every single item contained either eggs or cow’s milk. I am glad they are making a change in their home country. I hope they bring these changes to New York locations soon, because the market here for vegan fast food is growing and it is highly competitive, so I can already suck my teeth and be like “D’accord, Pret, je mangerai mes repas autre parts” (OK, Pret, I will eat my meals elsewhere!)

    Thanks for the review, tho, sis. #VeganLife

    • helloleaa
      August 21, 2017 / 11:20 am

      I actually can’t believe the NYC doesn’t have vegan options. Here in the UK, they’ve just opened their first (and only) veggie Pret and have received high praise. Despite this though, I can see that they are reluctantly taking their time to roll vegan products out to all stores, despite the high demand. I’m lucky enough to live in a city too where the market for vegan fast food is growing, so I suppose we are both fortunate enough to be able to go elsewhere! I hope when these changes are rolled out, whenever that may be, that you will receive the benefit also in the U.S.

      Thanks so much for dropping by! #VEGANPOWER

  3. August 23, 2017 / 11:42 pm

    I love pret! And yes sadly it hurts my wallet but the fresh food selection is amazing! Also did you know that employees are allowed to give free drinks to as many customers as they want? Its part of their good customer service!

    • helloleaa
      August 26, 2017 / 12:11 pm

      I didn’t know that! Thanks for letting me know

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